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My interest in photography began as a youngster while pursuing other artistic endeavors; drawing and painting. During my military service, I volunteered to take aerial pictures of drop zones. After leaving the military, I worked for several years as a portrait photographer. My first introduction to digital photography was editing photographs of signage while working on a large highway construction project, where I also worked as an aerial photographer and photo archivist.

As an avid outdoor adventurer, I have pursued rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering - traveling to a variety of beautiful destinations that have provided spectacular photographic opportunities.

I make use of a wide range of equipment and techniques available to photographers today, using social media to share my work with a broader audience. In addition, I produce high-quality framed prints for display in galleries and exhibitions. My goal is to share something beautiful through engaging images, whether realistic or imagined, in the hope of opening the viewer’s eyes to a new way of seeing things.

Resume/Exhibition List/Publications

Themes being addressed

Cultural interconnectivity through the forms of disparate art disciplines

Mediums being used

Classic & modern quilting and contemporary photography

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