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Artist Bio

I'm Persian painter artist based in London and born in 1986 in iran . I began painting at age 12 and self-educated until age 24 that I went to art college and graduated bachelor of illustration in 2013. After that I studied master of painting and graduated in 2017. my thesis was 'The influence of German expressionist painters on Iranian painters'

Resume/Exhibition List/Publications

Themes being addressed

Life style and modern life is the base of my artworks and the characters are animals instead humans.

Mediums being used

Acrylic and marker on canvas

Supporting Activities

From childhood to the present, my mind is full of various concepts and topics. My strange and difficult life given rise to extraordinary stories, characters, and creatures. I performed about 800 works of art and etudes during the pandemic. This can be seen in new works and large sizes in a minimal and concise manner. The source spans a long time, and all concepts are linked to my subconscious mind and my Persian art world in the background.
My professional work and experience in portrait painting, caricature, animal painting, and other arts have proven to be extremely beneficial .

Images of Past Work


Image or Sketch of Current Proposal

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