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I was born in Asia. I spent my childhood and grew up in Russia. Later, I received my architectural education in Russia and in Europe. After graduating from my university, I moved to the USA. For some time, I worked as an architect and interior designer in Russia and in the US. Later, I started to take commissions for book illustrations. Eventually, I started to make paintings because I always liked to draw. I learned from different teachers in different countries. As a result, I created my unique technique, which I am using now. My paintings were represented in international art shows; I participated in the group exhibitions, and my works were published in international art magazines. I work a lot and regularly, and I set myself serious, professional goals. Now, I live and work in New York City making paintings and book illustrations.

Now I make paintings using mixed media on canvas, although I paint on paper as well. I work with acrylic, watercolor, and graphic materials. I like to make compositions which make the viewer think and feel; paintings which hold secrets and riddles inside them; paintings which you can read like a book. Throughout all my life, I practiced yoga, and I was interested in the spirituality in man. This also is reflected in my art: my topics are searching for meaning, aspiring for calmness and clarity; harmony with nature; the relationship between human and nature; the microcosm inside everyone.


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Themes being addressed

Freedom; Spirituality; Uniqueness; Connection between human and nature, Ecology

Mediums being used

Mixed media (Acrylic, pencils, watercolor)

Supporting Activities

Performance (yoga dance)

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