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Nationally recognized artist and Board-Certified Art Therapist, , Maria Lupo, MFA, MA, ATR-BC attended Rutgers University, NJ receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Thru Rutgers University, Ms. Lupo began her Sculptural studies in Cennina, Italy. Her time in Tuscany proved to be a major influence on her work as well as a new artistic direction for the artist. I found my cultural roots as well as my artistic heritage as a sculptress in Cennia, remarked Ms. Lupo
Maria continued her studies in Sculpture at Hunter College, CUNY, receiving a Master’s of Fine Arts degree. In addition to her studies as a fine artist. Maria has completed her Post-Masters Specialization in Art Therapy from Caldwell College and is a Board Certified Registered Art Therapist holding a second Master’s Degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. Currently,
Ms Lupo is a Doctoral Candidate in Medical Humanities at Drew University. Lupo is an adjunct at Montclair State University , Caldwell University and Union County College
A recipient of the NJ State Council on the Arts fellowship award, Ms Lupo’s work is included in many public and private

Resume/Exhibition List/Publications

Themes being addressed

Themes: Community Building/Identity loss
Healing thru Art Therapy: Community Building/Identity loss
Isolation, uncertainty and loss filled our last few years, painstakingly. Human contact was to be avoided separating families, fracturing neighborhoods. As social beings our spirits were dampened eroding our identities forcing communities into a new, unnatural normal.
Healing thru Art Therapy: Community Building/Identity loss proposes to bring the members of the local community together for interactive art therapy sessions to reconstruct individual identities and that of our community. Artwork created by participants in the art therapy sessions will be displayed in the Tiny Roost gallery after each session as a continuing interactive exhibition. (See diagram)

Mediums being used

Center image (see sketch of current proposal) topsoil, acrylic, medals, n95 mask, sequins, canvas board----Materials for interactive art therapy sessions. Model Magic, markers, wire, pencils, wc paint, oil pastel, faux leaves.
22" x 30" approx. canvas panel for background to mount small sculptures created by participants in the interactive art therapy session.

Supporting Activities

Healing thru Art Therapy: Community Building/Identity loss will include four interactive community art therapy sessions ( each 1.5 HR) facilitator: Artist/Art Therapist,(Board certified): Maria Lupo, MFA, MA, ATR-BC -During each session the public Will be invited to sculpt using Model Magic (quick air drying Clay) a symbol that reflects their new identity within the community. " What symbol or image best describes who you are today"? Session goal: to identify who we are today as we look towards coming back together as a community. The participant's small sculptures will be displayed as part of my Tiny Roost exhibit at the conclusion of each session. Also during the community art therapy sessions, participants will also be invited share stories, feelings which with their permission will be added to the display. Sessions will be in the open group format, participants can enter and leave a session at anytime

Images of Past Work


Image or Sketch of Current Proposal

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