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Forman Barrett


Artist Bio

My life work of 53 years has always been about our spirituality and the feminine as well as the metamorphosis of a person. I’ve always worked to provoke conscious thought of our struggles and dualities we endure. Always touching our youthful soul for the energy and spirit of the divine within. I’ve been graced with always trying to work with faith, hope even through our darkest of times. To find the light, the connection of who we are in our strength as spiritual warriors to empower us forward. Each of the artworks, be it jewelry, sculpture, oil paintings, or oil pastels, represents all of the elements encompassing our life struggles and the power within.

Resume/Exhibition List/Publications

Themes being addressed

Representation of women power, justice, environment

Mediums being used

Oil painting, colored pencil

Supporting Activities


Images of Past Work


Image or Sketch of Current Proposal

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