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I have created works on paper for the past 30, but have not utilized a paint brush since I discovered that I could create art work on my computer. The computer, scanner, and computer software have become the tools of my medium. Working in Corel Painter, a raster-image program, I have found a means in which to fulfill my desire to construct and organize my world
Through the use of a computer painting program, I can render the nobility of womankind. While working, I employ elements of collage in my paintings to conjure up images created from a mixture of fantasy, mood and symbolism, blended together in a variety of ways to create my own world. I try to communicate through these images, paintings that reflect these women's inner stories as well as their inner beauty.
They also encompasses the many facets, of womanhood as my paintings personify all that makes up their challenges, their heroic experiences as well as their day to day lives. I try to render the innate nobility of these women as they grapple with their demons and face opposition, challenged by whatever obstacles life has to offer. They are able to see, to feel, to accept, to heal, and to be. They represent women who are in the process of expanding the possibilities of humanity, overcoming challenges, and yet, revealing the beauty in things which blossom out of self-awareness, wisdom.

Resume/Exhibition List/Publications

Themes being addressed

My paintings explore paintings these women's inner stories as well as their inner beauty. I try to reflect a woman's perspective on love, life and reasons for being

Mediums being used

Digital paintings utilizing a micro- pointillism technique in Corel Painter computer program.

Supporting Activities

Meet the artist talk or possiible zoom lecture on how I create my paintings

Images of Past Work


Image or Sketch of Current Proposal

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