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Krokhmal Anastasiya (born in 1997) - contemporary artist. Lives and works in Moscow. The artist's paintings are aimed at studying people and their psycho-emotional state. Participant of numerous exhibitions, including international ones. The artist's artworks are in private collections in Canada, USA, Taiwan, Canada and Russia.

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Themes being addressed

Artist Statement
The main theme of my paintings is the fight against mental disorders inside a person and the states associated with it. My artistic practice is based on reflection on my own 12-year experience of living with anxiety-depressive disorder.

The paintings depict people who are in a state of struggle with a mental disorder. In my paintings, I try to reflect a fragment of the course of a mental disorder. I am trying to fit the process, the long experience of living certain values of states. These states are very deep and not typical for people with a healthy psyche. People are depicted one by one: I share O. Huxley's idea that people are somehow alone in their perception of the world, and we are forced to live all internal events on our own. This series for me is an opportunity to draw public attention to the fight against the stigmatization of mental disorders.

A continuation of the main theme of mental health is the theme of the internal sensations of a woman living in restrictions imposed by society, patterns of behavior. In my paintings, I convey inner tension, protest. In this series of works, I represent a person who is in uncomfortable psychological conditions due to certain expectations of society about what is normal for a woman, how a woman should or should not. So, I draw attention to the inner world of a woman in modern realities. Through this series of works, I broadcast women's freedom and the right to express themselves regardless of society's expectations.

Art for me is not only the result of my experience and reactions to everything that happens, but also the opportunity to draw the viewer's attention to their own world of sensations, for which in the modern globalized world sometimes there is no time left.

Mediums being used

I paint expressive oil paintings in the figurative genre.

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