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Tiny Roost


Tiny Roost is a new way to display and see art in our community, to be featured in various locations in our area, beginning at the Gardiner Library!


What is Tiny Roost?

Roost Studios has created a fresh way to show, see, experience and interact with art outside the traditional gallery or museum model.

We worked with Ryan Solomons, A 3-D fabrication design artist to make our vision a reality. The first Tiny Roost; Art on the Outside gallery was installed at the entrance to the Gardiner Library at 133 Farmers Turnpike in May of 2022.


It is a 24"x 36" moveable clear art gallery box that sits on a 36" high steel and wood base. It is weatherproof, powered by solar energy, and has both permanent and changeable signage, lighting and audio capability. It will house rotating exhibitions by various artists focusing on a variety of relevant themes. We are so excited to bring art outside for everyone to enjoy!

Visit our Tiny Roost: Art on the Outside gallery installed at the library's entrance. Learn more, here.


These awards are made possible with funds from the Statewide Community Regrants Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature and administered by Arts Mid-Hudson.

Current Exhibition

October, November & December Exhibit

Jean Tansey: The Voiceless & The Choiceless
Reception: Sunday October 23 @ 4 PM
On view until January 1st, 2023

Jean Tansey has created a complex collage from her extensive collection of watercolor sketches from the Snapshot Series. These are images sourced from media outlets. These true stories, which are frequently buried down screen from mainstream exposure, actually tell the majority story, not the glamourous sound bites of the 1%. Most of the people on the planet live in conditions which are uncomfortable, dangerous and they experience insecurity of various types. Building capacity for compassion in our society is the bottom line for what motivates Tansey.

From utopia to dystopia, with reality-based images thrown in the mix, Jean Tansey brings a journalistic approach to her artmaking. Using the visual language of line and brush to describe scenes through her own lens, the focus is on complex narratives which are presented in a decidedly painterly manner.  The figure is used as a catalyst for empathy to consider the impact of social injustice, environmental disregard, gender imbalance and the seemingly never-ending cycles of violence.  The use of vibrant colors brings the viewer in for a closer look and then the back stories emerge.

Previous Exhibitions

August & September Exhibit

“FLOW:Racism:NO” by Dawn Bisio
Presentation on Wednesday, August 24th at 6pm

On view until October 1st

A meditation of the dichotomous emotions about race and what it would look like if, instead of racial divide, we were open, accepting, and in the “flow”. An architectural representation imagined through hundreds of strands of beads. Please walk around and view this piece from several different angles, imagine how it would move with a breeze, and see what comes to mind.

Dawn Bisio is a Korean American painter and installation artist based in Kingston, NY.  She loves abstracts, still lifes, printmaking, encaustics, and large scale installation art, and she very much hopes you will come and experience her Roost Studios commissioned piece, Flow, in front of the Gardiner Library as part of the Tiny Roost: Art on the Outside Gallery series.

June Exhibit

Begins June 2
Performance on Thursday, June 16 @ 7:30 PM

"The 4th World" by Nataly and Tyson Goldfisch


This work visually expresses what our world might look to anthropologists centuries in the future. In the year 2022, a time period already plagued by racial violence, hate crimes, massive social and economic inequities, World War III is threatening its sinister visage. We ask how could this happen and perhaps what has been lost that can be found again.


Nataly is an Associate Professor at SUNY New Paltz. Her area of research focuses on the intersectionality between philosophy of mathematics education, aesthetics, and deep ecology. Tyson has performed and shown his work in several states over the last two decades. His preference for exhibitions are outside the traditional art world, consisting of popup art displays, street performances, and improvisational creative outbursts/situations.

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