Roost  is pleased to present an evening with

Susan Slotnick

choreographer, writer, painter and humanitarian

“The Game Changer”

Accepted at 18 film festivals including Cannes and first prize winner at the Harlem Film Festival, The Game Changer will be screened at Roost on Thursday, June 15 at 7pm

The documentary film follows Susan Slotnick in her effort to support the rehabilitation of prisoners through 

Modern dance in a men's prison. 


Featured articles about Slotnick have appeared in Dance Studio Life, Dance Magazine, and Dance Teacher Magazine. In 2002 she was named the greatest woman of the day in the Huffington post as part of a celebration commemorating woman’s history. She received the Arts For Peace award from the The New York State association of criminal justice lawyers, and was the recipient of the "Kind Heart" from Dance Teacher Magazine.

"Building Community Through the Arts."