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Roost Studios is committed to helping passionate student artists realize their full potential. In 2020, Roost awarded $1,000 in scholarships to student artists who stood out among their peers.

2020 Roost Boost Award Winners:

Katie Tiley, Emma Hines, Amanda Greenfield, and Erin Dougherty

Katie Tiley

I’ve been trying to figure myself out for a long time. Every layer of paint is reminiscent of my innermost self. A thick layer of presentation masks the loneliness and sadness that comes with being in cycles of codependency and endless anxiety. When I paint, every layer is a different reflection of myself and I’m able to control what facades I want to keep and what emotions I want to show. It allows me to change my paintings in the same way that I change, and my feelings changes over time. My paintings are typically based on my thoughts, emotions, and dreams, and as I paint them out, I realize I don’t feel the same way about them as I did. So, I’ll instinctively paint over it with a new idea until I’m satisfied with the finished piece. Because my paintings develop as my feelings do, they act as a catharsis and an honest representation of my feelings and myself. My process makes my multi-layered paintings really personal to me and is the best way to express my innermost thoughts and feelings in a search for connection with the viewer.

Allison Brown

As an artist, there is little I don't feel inspired by. I often see bits and pieces of art in everything- from how my cat is laying down to the colors of a sunset. Despite this, Perhaps I feel most inspired by my emotions. The beautiful thing about art is how you can use it to harness emotions- both negative and positive and turn it into something wonderfully beautiful. Often, I feel as if it is easier to express myself through art than it is through spoken words. I feel most inspired when there is something I feel I need to deeply express- often I find myself scribbling in my sketchbook trying to get my thoughts out. Art has helped me become more sure of myself. It has helped me express the grief I felt after my mom passed away, and has helped me heal from it. Without art, and the encouragement of my art teachers throughout my education, I would likely not be the person I am. Art has not only gave me the joy that comes with putting paint on a canvas, or simply doodling in a sketchbook, but also helped me grow. Due to this, I am currently studying Art Education. I realized I want to teach children about the joy brought from Art. Something fantastic I enjoy about art is that it doesn't matter if you are “good” or “bad” at it, as long as you enjoy it.