Art has always played a vital role in society during uncertain times. It offers an outlet to react to current events and can encourage social change, while also spreading hope and awareness. From the art of the Civil Rights movement to Black Lives Matter, or from the Women’s Suffrage movement to the Women's March; take a deeper dive into what makes art so powerful and effective during these times.

Art During Times of Uncertainty, Unrest, and Change

Weekly Topics

Week 1: 1918 Pandemic/ Covid

Week 2: Civil Rights/ BLM

Week 3: Suffrage Movement/ Feminist Movement

Week 4: LGBTQ+ Art

Week 5: Mental Health Art

Week 6: Disability Awareness Art

Workshop Schedule

*Six classes delivered once a week on Thursday’s at 4:00pm-4:45pm*

*Classes are from March 25 - April  29*

Meet the Team


Allison Brown


Allison is in her Junior year, studying Art Education at SUNY New Paltz. She has a concentration in drawing and painting, as well as a Deaf Studies minor. Often creating art centered around emotions, she finds art does a wonderful job of self-expression especially when words don't quite do the trick. Allison loves how art can harness all sorts of emotions and turn them into something wonderfully beautiful. She hopes this workshop will help others not only gain a better understanding of art but also a better understanding of the role it plays in society.


Shiri Dembovich


Shiri Dembovich has worked in the field of education for most of her life. Often integrating the arts into writing and literature curricula, she enjoys photography in her spare time. Shiri currently lives in New Paltz with her family where she enjoys hiking, swimming and biking.

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