Each week students will learn about artists from antiquity to contemporary, and how they made their work and the meaning behind it.  All Smart Arts makers will have an opportunity to create their very own masterpiece influenced by the artists they learned about that week. Students will walk away with knowledge of eight artists and amazing works of art at the end of the workshop!

Exploring Art Styles through Masters

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Matisse Cut-Outs

Week 2: O’Keefe details

Week 4: Dali surrealism

Week 5: Van Gogh colors

Week 6: Louis Nevelson paper sculptures

Week 7: Kahlo self-portraits

Workshop Schedule

*Six classes delivered once a week on Monday’s from 4:00pm-4:45pm*

*Classes are from March 22 - April 26*

Meet the Team


Mando Bee


MANDO BEE earned their BFA from Texas State University with a focus in Metals and Jewelry in 2018. They have exhibited their work with Heidi Lowe Gallery, Ombre Gallery, Vancouver Metal Arts Association, Australian Temp/Contemp Gallery, and Milan ,Italy Jewelry Week. They were included in the Emerging Artist program, The EXHIBITIONIST, and Here We Are of New York City Jewelry Week. In 2018 they completed a 3 month residency at the Baltimore Jewelry Center. They are featured in the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Learning Lab highlighting LGBTQIA+ artists, SNAG JaMS, ARTISTAR Jewels, and Accessory Vanity Fair Magazine. MANDO is currently an MFA candidate at SUNY New Paltz.


Lucy Williams


Lucy has worked with Roost for two years teaching art classes in the community. With this workshop, she will be leading lessons on important figures in art history and their styles. She is a student at SUNY New Paltz studying digital media production and film. Pre-pandemic, Lucy spearheaded the Dinner Date, Kids Create program at Roost and taught Paint and Sip classes.

"Artists and their Work"