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  • Emma Hines

Upcoming Creative Conversations on Sunday, May 26th at Roost Studios

The Salon, held on the final Sunday of every month, offers a great opportunity to meet your peers and grow from the interaction of sharing, seeing and discussing art of all kinds! The Salon creates an opportunity in which community can be fostered and a forum for artists to gather on a regular basis and share their work is provided. The meetings are moderated by Marcy Bernstein, the founder and executive director of Roost Studios and Art Gallery

The Salon meets at 5 pm-7 pm and is open to all who are seeking to both grow their own work and participate in the discussion of work by fellow artists in all mediums.

Each evening will give three artists an opportunity to share their work, meet their peers and discuss ideas both in their work and in the field in general. Your presence and participation will be most welcome!

For more information or to receive the monthly reminder email for upcoming Photographers’ Salon events, contact us.

This month we host three new Hudson Valley artists!

Yvette Lewis:

“My work is sensual, organic and emotional with images based on nature. Rocks, leaves, seeds, vines and roots float and drift across the canvass in soft ambiguous space. The images of both the paintings and the etchings evoke the power and the receptive of the feminine. The abstract free-floating objects seemingly exist in a world that is almost natural. Colors are rich, vibrant and infused with light. I paint in oils using traditional glazing techniques as well as loose, expressive brushwork. There is a softness to the color palette and the interweaving forms. The compositions welcome the viewer in but also push back almost saying wait, not yet. I started my formal education at the Art Students League in 1970, continued at FIT and completed my teaching degree at SUNY New Paltz in 1990. As an art teacher and an artist, I look for the inner essence of creative expression.”

Melvin Hyman:

From photography, to journalism, and back again.

That’s the long and short of it. My current focus is twofold: Found Art and Street Portraits — the found art photos attempt to find order and beauty amidst disorder and decay. The street portraits hearken back to my work in New Paltz in the ‘70s. And grateful to Roost for the opportunity it gives all of us to share our views of the world around us.

In 1978 I worked for the Town of New Paltz as a laborer along with three other guys under the CETA program — a federally funded job training program. In 1979, the New Paltz supervisor took me on as a full-time photographer for one year to document all the comings-and-goings in the town. Much of the work involved documenting the landfill and recycling programs. I’ve attached the review of an exhibit I did for the Ulster County Arts Council which included photos I did for the town. 

Mel’s current work focus on what he called ”found Art” gorgeous abstractions found in unlikely places, and on street photography.

Megan Reilly:

"My work surrounds aspects of human interaction and the process of living.I find myself continuously finding inspiration in the way people coexist with each other and their own self, ..along with the nature of the world. Control is very limited in human life. Art allows analysis on this concept and an attempt to grasp the delusion of control we have. What I am specifically intrigued by are universal emotions that are felt directly by an individual. Public and private clash as people seek isolation for themselves, and regain a sense of humanity in an over publicized society”

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