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  • Emma Hines

Upcoming: April 28th, 2019

This Sunday, April 28th, will be the second gathering at The Roost Studios for creative conversations with three new Hudson Valley artists. The Roost will be showing the work of Jing Shuai, StacieFlint, and Michael Nighswonger. Stop by from 5 to 7pm for refreshments and a wonderful opportunity to engage with three very talented and diverse artists!

Jing Shuai

Born in Szechuan, China, Jing Shuai is a painter whose work has been greatly influenced by her heritage as well as philosophy and deep roots in martial arts. She is a Tai Chi instructor as well as a painter and these various disciplines have led to creative and beautiful expressions in her art as she explores the relationship between a strong body and mind. She believes that art embodies the energy of life and is an incredible communicator, and she strives to incorporate the balance and harmony of nature in her work.

Michael Nighswonger

Abstract painter born in Whittier, California, Michael Nighswonger discovered his love for painting when living in North Carolina. He then moved to Adirondack Park in New York where he continued to grow and develop as an artist before coming to High Falls.

He works primarily with acrylic paint, creating large contemporary abstract pieces that are in various private collection and have been shown in many exhibitions,  including the Wild Center Exhibit (Tupper Lake, NY) 2017, ·The Ginsburgh Exhibit (Tupper Lake, NY) 2017 and the Seattle Art Exhibit (Seattle, Washington) 2015.

Stacie Flint

Stacie Flint is a painter who utilizes bright color to convey the immense happiness and fulfillment she gains from her artwork. She strives to convey and share the joy of paint and of life with bold palettes and relatable imagery. She utilizes acrylic and oil paint primarily with loose brush strokes that convey the ever-changing qualities of life. This existence is full of energy, unpredictability and fun which is what Flint hopes to share through her works of art.

Feel free to join us Sunday and contribute to the sharing of art and ideas. The next gathering for creative conversations will be May 26th, showcasing Yvette Diaz, and Mel Hyman. Hope to see you there!

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