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Plein Air Walk

Once again, we are excited to announce that Mohonk Preserve and Roost Studios, Inc. of New Paltz are collaborating for the third time to create an inspirational project that connects land, art and community. This year we have expanded the ways for artists to be part of it.

This June we will be presenting a select group of 35 recognized Hudson Valley artists, many who will be stationed along the Testimonial Gateway Trailhead and along the Pin Oak Allee, located at 35 Route 299 near Gatehouse Road. This trail features the historic Testimonial Gateway Tower, circa 1907, which served as the entrance to the Mohonk Mountain House until 1945. Wide views which include Humpo Marsh, an important wildlife area, historic farms and fields along the Ridge and segments of the Preserve’s carriage road system are inspiring to artists and visitors alike.

Each artist will create one or more works in the medium of their choice, on site in plein air. The theme is nature and the outdoors with categories like Close Focus, A Wide Vista, Architectural Details, People in Nature, Expressive Landscape and Outside in Action. The process and finished artworks will be photographed throughout the day and will be included in an online auction through Mohonk Preserve’s online auction platform.

In addition, a few selected artists will have the option of creating art on other parts of Mohonk Preserve in the weeks preceding the live event thus adding an element of diverse locales and opening up the opportunity to participate for more artists!

Last year's event was a tremendous success with 24 artists participating and almost $10,000 worth of art sold. This event attracted a robust amount of visitors and very positive reviews from participating artists and visitors alike. We hope you will apply to be a part of it. To read more about last year's event, click here.

2022 Participating Artists:

Katherine Gray, Max Baker, Dan Shornstein, Helen Gutfreund, Tarryl Gabel, Cathy Copeland, Lynda Pyka, Stacie Flint, Pam Krimsky, Marianne Tully, Carl Grauer, David Holt, Jerry Teters, Elisabeth Barnett, Marlene Wiedenbaum, JOHN RIZZA, Emeline Hastings, Alex Canelos, Elaine Langer, Staats Fasoldt, Mitchell Saler, Jennifer Valletta-Houssani, Matthew Houk Maley, Barbara Holt, Mira Fink, Lynne Friedman, Chrissy Pahucki, Jenna Tompkins, Olivia Treubig, Artie Raphael, Aliza Driller, Linda Champanier, Adrienne Mierzwa, Colleen Monette, Ward Lamb, Kirsten McAllister, Michael Lokensgaard, Jacquelyn Hart, Laura Martinez-Bianco, and Lindsey Guile.

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