Plein Air Artists

Rosalind Bank

I have been creating with Pastels and Watercolor since 2001 and am always drawn to nature, as it is my inspiration, my serenity and my passion. Colors are a nonverbal language understood by all. Many of my paintings represent Earth, Air and Water, with colors that range from natural to the more abstract and dreamlike.


Greg Correll

Movement disorders are a gift. My compassion and forbearance have increased, my stillness and my patience. To counter the “-esias” I started Tai Chi; I now live one balanced moment at a time—mostly. With half-assed Buddhism I often set aside my suffering because I see now, at 65, how everyone suffers. When people grunt and rush past me, I remember I did the same, when I was young and able—and I was not cruddy for doing so, just human. I look everyone in the eye now, and wait. I love this beautiful, terrible world, and all who struggle in it.
I was a CUNY Writing Fellow in 2017, working with Leo Carey of The New Yorker and Jon Galassi of FSG. After a multi-various career as illustrator for the New Yorker, CLIO winner/judge, and creative director, I found my true art as a writer. Salon picked up a few of my pieces, notably one about my Parkinson's diagnosis. Had two short plays produced, one off-Broadway.
My poetry and essays have been published in anthologies, including wVw, Late Summer Orphans, Into Sanity (co-edited by David Vonnegut), CAPS Poetry (2016 and 2020), and Vanguard Voices.


Mira Fink

I am passionate about the natural world. My paintings come from my deep love and sense of connection with nature. I strive to recreate in my paintings the joyful sensation of being outdoors. I am inspired by the vividness of color, the energy of living things, the effects of light on the landscape, and what happens when you slow down long enough to truly see and appreciate it. With this appreciation comes the desire to preserve natural areas, which is vitally important to me.

I am best known for my richly colored watercolor landscapes which capture the beauty of the Hudson Valley. I have exhibited my paintings widely over the last 30 years in regional, solo & juried shows. I am represented locally by Maglyn's Dream and the Mohonk Mountain House gift shop in New Paltz. You can also find my greeting cards at the Mohonk Preserve Visitor Center. I have numerous collectors of my work in the Hudson Valley and my art is in private collections all over the country. I have been teaching watercolor, acrylic painting and mixed media classes for adults and children out of my studio and in the community for the last 15 years, and have experienced great joy inspiring many people to discover themselves as artists.


Stacie Flint

I paint in oil or acrylic on canvas from my home studio. I paint for the joy of creation, to celebrate the spirit, to satisfy the eye, to engage in childlike imagination, to feel free, to use juicy color, to connect and inspire people, for the love of art! I paint from ordinary subjects to express and communicate my passion: Love Through Art.


Lynne Friedman

A landscape painter steeped in the light and physical qualities of the land. I work outdoors in the Hudson Valley, in my studio and on art residencies around the world. I am inspired by
physical reality and seek to express a unique point of view.


Katherine Gray

As a professional artist, I have lived in New Paltz since 1995. The Mohonk Preserve was one of the reasons I chose to live here. Now 25 years later, I still am inspired by it's beauty.


Emeline Hastings

Emmy Hastings is a Hudson Valley plein air artist who also was an illustrator and designer for a top New York City publishing house. She also taught High School art for 17 years and is currently working on a series of paintings of her hometown, Kingston. She works in all mediums including oil, acrylic and watercolor and maintains her home studio in New Paltz.


Barbara Holt

My landscape paintings are usually derived from photographs taken by me, and in this method the toughest part is already accomplished. The framing within the composition is vital for me to capture the essence of what exactly draws me in when viewing a particular vista. Working on site will be an exciting challenge for me.


David Holt

I try to create a fresh look for landscapes using only a palette knife.


Eva Kusmirek

Painting and making art is a way of life for me. This constant need to create is enslaving and, in a way, it becomes an addiction. Endless quest and striving to do better but at the same time understanding that complete satisfaction will end the process, makes us work harder and harder by never ending desire to create. Relentless struggle to achieve that relevant perfection is a part of the joy.


Ward Lamb

Ward Lamb is a figurative artist that works and lives in the Hudson Valley. He depicts portraits figures, landscape, in realism, impressionism and expressionist combinations. He has exhibited widely throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.


Laura Martinez-Bianco

My paintings are inspired by my surroundings, whether at home or afar. Plein air painting allows me to observe, learn from and experience the landscape.  I challenge myself to capture not only the physical elements of the terrain, but the light, atmosphere and feeling each view provides me.


Howard Miller

I have painted outdoors, and on the street for as long as I can remember...Its the best studio I ever had!


Jacqueline O'Malley-Satz

These are different times and we have relegated our shared 'social' times to distance physically ... but plein air painting has qualities that endure ... I hope to take part in the upcoming event at Mohonk and 'see' some works by other artists to inspire and reflect.


Arthur Raphael

I would like to quote something my father wrote about the joy of painting. "Even if you have never painted before, you will find painting can change leisure time from a threatening or boring expanse of days into some of the happiest hours of your life.


Daniel Shornstein

After a long (and continuing !) career in education, I decided to return to my early passion of creating art via painting and drawing. About 10 years ago, I began to study with Hudson Valley painter Richard Lisle. Over the past several years I have immersed myself in both studio and plein air painting and am intensely motivated by the stunning local landscapes of forests, streams and mountains in our region. I strive to develop strong values in a painting as well as using different techniques to capture the changing light and shadows that each season has to offer. My work tends to be more impressionistic but I find my style of painting continuing to evolve.


Gerald Teters

Most of my recent work has been in oil paint on either canvas or wood. My other favorite mediums include collage, oil stick, pastel and pencil, which I will often combine to coax a visual journey. The changing character of the Shawangunk Mountains, which surround my home, also influence some of the textural and color choices in my work.

In my abstract work, I try to build images that tease at the familiar in everyday life, yet nod towards the mysterious and the unknown. I want to evoke a sense of place, a mood, or an object, such as a house, that connects with viewers and triggers them to explore their own experiences and sensibilities.

Finally, I have been pulled toward abstract art through my love of jazz music, especially some of the free, avante garde jazz. Improvisation, the main ingredient in free jazz, urges the soloist to create or “be in the moment.” This is where I live when I am painting and hope my audiences will enjoy their moment with my work.


Marianne Tully

In doing plein air landscape paintings, I wish to capture the tones and forms of nature in my paintings, giving the viewer some of the same experience that I have felt in confronting the exquisite beauty and reality of the earth. I focus on the interplay of light and shadow while using lively brush strokes and atmospheric techniques. This helps to express the energy of the image. Because I paint on site for the first stages of the work, I have developed a strong sense of place and of the dynamic order of the natural world.


Marlene Wiedenbaum

I am a passionate realist, working with a palette of soft pastels, sanded paper, and a kneaded eraser. My early years of working in the abstract helped me refine my handling of the medium and sharpen my understanding of shape and form as it manifests in the natural world. I feel obligated as an artist to reflect the world I live in, to look keenly at my environment, and to present it to the viewer in an engaging way.