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Tom Nolan


Tom Nolan

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About the Artist

Writer, photographer, sometimes actor and singer, Tom lives in New Paltz, NY with his wife Carol and their two cats, Elvis and Zorro.

He’s been taking pictures since he got his first Brownie box camera at age ten.  His interest blossomed after joining the Air Force in 1961, primarily because his job gave him access to a sophisticated darkroom and as much black and white Tri-X as he wanted.  Combine that with the purchase of a Pentax K 1000 and a couple of lenses and he was off.

By the time he left the Air Force in 1968 he had graduated to Nikons and color.  While working as an adjunct and computer specialist for Empire State College, he tutored several students in basic photography.  Though he’s devoted more time to his writing than his photography over the last several years, he carries a camera in his car at all times, and adds one to his rucksack when heading out for a hike.

Tom’s photos grace the walls of the Newburgh office of Empire State College, homes and offices around the country, and in a couple of cases the front page of the Daily Review, Morgan City, Louisiana’s newspaper.

Tom is the author of three books: Wishbone Creek and Other Stories, Second Cutting, and Milo’s Gift, available through his website

Currently Tom is recording a CD, and acting in Nothing Means Nothing, written by Larry Winters. Some have called him a Renaissance man. He believes it refers to his age.

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