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Susan Slotnick


Susan Slotnick

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About the Artist

Susan Slotnick graduated SUNY New Paltz with a BS in Art Education. She has since had many careers – as dance teacher, choreographer and writer. Throughout, she paints.

Susan has had solo exhibitions at: Mark Gruber Gallery (1990), Unison Learning Center (1995), The Dancing Theater (2000) and La Bella Pizzeria (2010) and participated in four group shows at The Unframed Gallery in New Paltz, NY. A painting of two hugging babies, "The Compassionate Baby," was hung in the Sloan Kettering Pediatric Oncology Waiting Room (1992 to 1996).

In January 2016 Susan received the prestigious Arts-For-Peace Award from the NYS Association of Criminal Justice Lawyers for her teaching and choreographing for incarcerated men. Although this important work is removed from her paintings, it fulfills a life-long ambition to use art for social justice.

Susan’s paintings have been published in Dance Studio magazine, Dance magazine and Dance Teacher magazine, together with articles profiling her work in social justice. A documentary film about her work teaching dance in prisons won first prize (2015) at the Harlem Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival. It has been screened at 14 film festivals.

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