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Matt Maley


Matt Maley

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About the Artist

Matt Maley is a working artist living in New Paltz, NY. His innovative and unique creations have sold all over the world. 


Matt began his career in the comic book industry as a production artist for Archie Comics. Shortly thereafter he was hired as a letterer and logo artist for Marvel. Working in New York City allowed Matt to expand into licensed and original illustration for companies like Disney, Nickelodeon and Children’s Television Workshop. Matt continued to expand his resume with storyboards, packaging and product design for companies on both coasts. He designed watches, handbags, toys and accessories for many licensed titles including Peanuts, Shrek and The Osbournes (Yes, Ozzy had a line of watches). Matt also worked on numerous environmental and educational projects for institutions such as Smithsonian, Hudson River Museum and New York City Department of Health. 


Matt designs and illustrates The World’s Greatest Search & Discover; Six foot, dry erasable interactive posters. He also writes and illustrates Little Donny Trump, satirical children’s books.


Matt credits his extensive background in illustration and design with his understanding of the power of visual narratives. This reflects in all of his sculpture. His barn wood landscapes utilize naturally occurring knots, grain and decay of the wood, transforming them into vast, meditative environments. His hand sculpted clay figures and busts create tiny instances of tranquility, interactions and emotions. His shadow boxes utilize scrap wood, machine parts and other found objects to create complex political and social commentaries. Throughout his professional life, Matt has developed a keen understanding of color, construction, composition and story telling.


Matt graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from SUNY Purchase in 1990. He loves living in New Paltz with his wonderful and supportive family. He heads to Mohonk for inspiration whenever he can.

For more info or to contact Matt, please visit:

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