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Lauree Feldman


Lauree Feldman

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About the Artist

Native New Yorker Lauree Feldman is a photographer and graphic artist. Aligning these talents throughout her career, Lauree began work in 1977 as a production assistant creating multi-projector, animated slide shows for corporate clients. Over a decade in corporate communications, she worked her way to the industrial camera through the countless art departments that produced these elaborate visuals.  On her own, she produced River Moods – a haunting photographic exposé of the Hudson River.

Sensing the need for change, Lauree concluded ten years of technical animation photography by traveling the world, camera in hand. The collections that followed include Palestine Prints – a body of work created between 1974 and 1990, Children of Jerusalem – 1979 - 80; and Eye on Asia, an exhibition of large, black & white silver bromide prints, exhibited in 1991.

Back in New York, Lauree switched from film to digital. Commercial work took the form of special event photography and desktop publishing – designing and producing printed materials and numerous websites.

Lauree also found herself editing and producing a journal/newsletter for the American counterpart of the British National Trust, an assignment that lasted twenty years and took her to England eighty-five times!

Reflecting her lifelong interests in travel, nature, and social history, Lauree created Sacred Stones in 2004 – a collection of images of Aboriginal spiritual sites, and TIBET, shot in 2006 and currently on view in New Paltz at the Moondance Ridge gallery. In 2008, she created a series of didactic panels in collaboration with artist Edwina Sandys, which complement Breakthrough, a sculpture using segments of the Berlin Wall, installed on the campus of Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. FutureSelf – digitally abstracted nature photos printed with ink on canvas (shown in NYC in 2012) evolved into EXPLORATIONS which was on display at Roost Studios & Art Gallery in 2016.

Lauree is a graduate of Columbia University, School of General Studies ’86, with a major in Arabic and Islam and a degree in Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures. A three-time grant recipient from the New York Foundation for the Arts, Lauree first signed as a stock photographer in 1981 and currently holds a contract with Getty Images.

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