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The View from Here

An Exhibit by Barbara and David Holt

Barbara Holt

My work is inspired by the complexity the natural world.  I love defining the layers of distance, and how they soften as they recede.  My eye is always drawn to the point of interaction with the sky!

All the work in this show was created in 2019-2020.  In my travels during that period, I saw an amazing breadth of beauty.  From the pastels of the desert in Joshua Tree, to the saturated colors of the South Florida Everglades, to the heavy, low skies of Northern Germany and Holland; all have their own allure!

Several of these works are purely abstract, created from partially remembered views or from the depth of paint itself. They still follow the tradition of landscape painting.

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David Holt

The work exhibited represents directions that I have explored in recent months. One direction is to make landscape paintings without using a brush, and only a palette knife. The second is to make cityscapes on paper using watercolor and ink. The third approach is to make black and white silkscreens of city scenes with watercolor applied to complete the images. Also included are recent examples of my linocuts.

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