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Dan McCormack

Cell Phone Nudes 2019-2020

Content Warning: The artwork in this exhibition contains nudity and is intended for a mature audience.

I began photographing the nude while I was a grad school student and I have continued for over fifty years. I have explored varied cameras, techniques and photographic process to find new ways to make an image with the nude. I have worked with a pinhole camera now for the past twenty years. I shoot with 8x10 film and my indoors exposures require the model to hold still for two minutes.

About four years ago I began shooting with my cell phone. The cell phone camera has made making an image so spontaneous. These images are of the nude with toys and or shadows.  In my solo show I have submitted works from about two years with the same model.  We share a sense of play with the diverse objects. There is little direction from me when we start the shoot. The model begins and I follow the posing and I compose my image.

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H 20" x W 16" framed in black metal frames for $750.00

They are signed and in an edition of  25 copies.

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