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We are leaving 69 Main Street

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Letter from the Board of Directors

Dear Roost members, friends and supporters,

The past 4 years at 69 Main Street have been an incredible and wonderful experience. The very best part and the whole reason for Roost Studios’ existence is the people, all of you! Each and every one of you has made a profound difference in our community of artists. The comradery, support, great conversations about art and life (some deep and some silly), the events we created, the students we mentored, the work and the fun we had together have enabled us to form amazing friendships and connections. It has been a privilege to begin to open up the space for building community through the arts in New Paltz, and this is not an ending, but it is a transition.

The impact of the coronavirus on the use of physical space to bring art and community together has been significant. As such, we are vacating our gallery space on Main St. As much as we and other arts organizations face unimagined challenges and threats, we are by nature creative souls who must now begin what may be an exciting process of reinvention and self-discovery, as well as seeing opportunities we may have overlooked. Roost will continue to present virtual exhibitions and social media content.

Roost’s Board has taken decisive and responsible steps to ensure that our organization long outlasts the current crisis and continues to be a vital resource and hub of the New Paltz area arts community. We believe that Roost will continue to fill the need Marcy Bernstein saw when she initiated Roost, knitting the arts community of and around New Paltz together.

We will of course be happy to continue to update you as things move along.

Best regards,

Roost Board of Directors


"Building Community Through the Arts."