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“Seven Dimensions of the Unseen”
by Jonathan Pazer
October 13 - November 13, 2016
Opening Reception October 15, 2016, 6 - 8pm
Artist Talk October 28, 2016, 6 - 8pm

Artist and abstract photographer, Jonathan Pazer’s new show titled, “Seven Dimensions of the Unseen”, takes its inspiration from modern physics and String Theory where invisible dimensions give the universe its’ form and properties. Of the eleven dimensions of String Theory, we can only perceive our usual three dimensions, plus time, and so it is that we only view the projections created by the constructions used to create them. The show will feature a series of images that were created by light projecting and reflecting sculptures. Photographing these projections Pazer harnessed their light to paint on paper, canvas, glass and metal. Also included in the show will be some of the sculptural constructs he devised to make the images with. The photographs produced are deep, odd and intriguing. The compositions range from spartan to luscious, all while retaining their mystery. They are at once striking and introspective, leaving room for the viewer to ponder all that is unseen, but which shapes our every moment.  Pazer’s abstract photography images have been shown throughout the Hudson Valley over the past five years, and his Robot Doors have been shown and attracted attention this past year as part of the GOST Doors Project that traveled to the Unison Sculpture Garden, the Cupcake Festival, the Sunflower Festival and at various times to the Village of Gardiner. He is a full-time resident of Gardiner NY since 2011 where he lives with his wife, landscape painter Andrea McFarland. He is a founder and former Chairman of the Gardiner (NY) Open Studio Tour (GOST), and currently on the Board of Directors at Roost Studios and Gallery in New Paltz, NY. 

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