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"Variations, Relations, and Photo Constructions”
by Laszlo Andacs
On display from July 16 – August 11

Laszlo prints his photographs on a variety of medium; metal, glass, wood, fabric, and more. His concept is to relate the subject of the photograph to the medium. Of course there are images printed in a "traditional" way, on paper, too. While the most unusual and special field of Laszlo’s photography is capturing skydivers jumping out of airplanes, he also makes a visual exploration of nature and portraiture from his travels, both near and far. His production techniques push the boundaries of traditional photography. His eye is impeccable.

Born in Hungary, Laszlo Andacs emigrated to the US in 1998 to pursue a career as a videographer in the world of skydiving. Moving to the picturesque Hudson Valley, he was mesmerized with contrasts at 13,000 feet; of colors between Earth and sky, mountains and valleys, of faces mixed of exhilaration and awe and fear.


Laszlo’s stills have been widely published in the US and abroad in various periodicals, books and websites. His work with motion picture has also been featured in television and feature films.


Gallery hours: Thursday - Sunday 11 am – 8 pm

and by appointment 845-219-5681

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